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Hourly Service

Not ready for a full managed service plan? We also offer hourly and fixed rates. Hourly rates vary based on the type of service you need. 

Computer Repair

Computer failures happen, hard drives crash, fans go out. video cards fail. Repairing your computer if often a better choice than replacing it.

Internet & Phone Audits

Have you reviewed your voice and data plans recently? With increased usage of emails, and mobile phones, traditional business phone usage is down and internet usage is up, way up. 

Emergency Service

Email problems, server problems, internet connection issues, PC’s, servers, or most commonly software corruption. Fixing IT problems quickly is one of our core strengths.

IT Planning & Budgeting

Business models change, with them your strategic planning and corporate goals. Your technology needs to be ready to support your changing needs.

Hardware & Software

We have access to hundreds of thousands of different hardware & software items. We keep PC’s, monitors, Office, switches, firewalls, printers, keyboards and mice on hand. Most other items are available overnight.

Remote Support

Our technicians have the ability to remotely connect to your computers and network equipment. Often we can solve problems in just a few minutes allowing you to get back to work quickly.

Network Design

There are several important considerations in designing a network, we are usually trying to give you the most speed and longevity to give you some future proofing with a great ROI.

VoIP Phone System

Switching to VoIP phone system can save you money while providing a better experience and greater functionality. Nextiva’s VoIP system also offers greater flexibility and will scale with your business.

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