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Medical Practice IT Support and HIPAA Compliance

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Running a Modern Medical Practice isn't easy. We can help by taking care of your network and technology. We also offer a complete HIPAA Compliance program for your office.


​Are you struggling to keep up with HIPAA Compliance?

We have developed a simplified HIPAA Compliance program. We work with you to complete the 8 steps to end up with a fully HIPAA compliant office in less time with less effort than you expected.


  1. Risk Management

  2. Business Associates

  3. Policies and Procedures

  4. Training & Staff

  5. Breach Response

  6. Contingency Plan

  7. Documentation

  8. System Activity Review


HIPAA compliance is the law, the OCR (Office of Civil Rights) has been tasked with auditing and enforcing HIPAA Compliance the law has been in place for over 10 years and not having documented risk assessments, policies & procedures, posted documents, a complaint process, training and all the other HIPAA Compliance processes in place leaves your practice vulnerable.


The OCR considers not being compliant “Willful Neglect” of the HIPAA and Omnibus Rules fines starting and $35,000 and can climb into the millions. HIPAA Compliance doesn’t stop you from having a data breach from a malicious attacker or from an accidental employee. But it is a piece of the insurance policy showing the OCR that you do take your patient's information and trust seriously.


When we are finished with the 8 steps you will have an electronic and printed copy of all the steps. We also include employee training with certificates and have spend a hour with your staff in your office reviewing the procedures and answering any questions they may have.


If you have any HIPAA questions or would like to schedule a meeting to start the process call us at 775.329.2400 or email

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