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Who Are We?


We are proud to be part of Northern Nevada's business community. Like you, we live here, play here and work hard to do our part to make our community a better place. We've lived here for over 35 years, our part is technology solutions for your part, whether that's professional services, manufacturing, construction or whatever your business your passion and expertise have drawn you too.


We love solving problems, bringing order to chaos and making businesses like yours efficient and productive with the proper technology for your business goals.  We take care of the technology so you can take care of the business.



What Makes Us Different?


Like the wild horses in Nevada, every business is a bit unique. We do things a bit differently at Aveir Technology. We think about maintaining your technology like house cleaners: in addition to the standard everyday work of technology, we do a monthly “deep-dive” on a different IT area. The way a house cleaner picks a single room at a time to really overturn. This way, you get not only all the regular maintenance services we offer, but also the chance to learn more about an aspect of technology that may benefit your company in ways you haven't thought of.



Why We Do IT?


Aveir has succeeded in business over the years because we love what we do, we are technology geeks. IT solutions aren’t just about fixing what’s broken for us; they’re about using technology to make things better than they were before. We get excited by the constantly changing world of technology because we love to learn new things, and we take that new knowledge and use it to create innovative and practical solutions for today’s businesses.




Where to Find Us


We are in the Stremmel Building on the corner of S. Virginia St. and Holcomb

1400 S. Virginia Street 

Suite B

Reno, NV 89502


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