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How does hardware virtualization help you make the most of your computing resources? That’s simple; you’re able to host numerous computing environments, in order to immensely reduce energy and maintenance costs. When you choose to virtualize your hardware and create a sustainable IT plan, you’re guaranteed to benefit from reduced energy consumption, enhanced scalability, increased reliability, as well as:

• Reduced costs: Hardware virtualization allows you to reduce maintenance and energy costs associated with having a larger amount of hardware in the workplace.

• Decreased complexity: Hardware virtualization allows you to reduce the amount of servers that need to be managed and maintained on a day-to-day basis while simplifying the management of the existing hardware.

• Increased business continuity: Hardware virtualization offers up-to-date snapshots of virtual machines, in order to help you get back up and running quickly to minimize downtime in the event of a disaster.

So you’ve heard about hardware virtualization but you’re fairly confused about it? In the simplest terms, hardware virtualization refers to the creation of virtual versions of operating systems and computers, as opposed to physical versions. Ultimately, the goal is to consolidate multiple small physical servers into one large physical server, in order to use the processor more efficiently.

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