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Aveir Technology is applying for your IT business position. We tailor our service plans to your company and your budget. We like to spend some time getting to know your company, your strengths and challenges. Together we design and implement an IT solution that works for you and your company’s goals. You are welcome to contact our current clients for a reference, many of whom have been with us for more than 20 years. We hope to gain your business and look forward to working together. but more than that, we would like to ensure you get the best IT support for you. Occasionally, hear about a problem with one of our competitors overcharging and not providing good service. I’m sure this occurs in your industry as well. Unfortunately, it is often the result of an inexperienced staff and/or a lack of tools. Our system works well because we’ve invested the time and energy into developing tools that allow us to streamline our maintenance and monitoring services, giving us a plethora of information about your systems, where the bottle necks are, potential failing equipment etc. Other service providers have good employees but are inexperienced in putting all the pieces together (technology, tools, staff and processes) to provide your company efficient proactive maintenance, still have time to deal with the daily issues that arise take the time to listen to your staff’s questions and ideas. We like to incorporate your individual company’s needs into the way we communicate. We do have a ticketing system, but we are fine with texts, emails, phone calls and drive by visits, whichever is easiest for you! In addition to the tools, processes, technology, and people we’ve invested in, we have created a Deep Dive system that ensures that all areas of your technology is reviewed periodically. We focus on a different area each month ensuring we address each technology/business area thoroughly. To get more information about this month’s focus, sign up for our monthly newsletter. Click Here to receive the newsletter. Here are a few questions you might want ask when interviewing for a new IT provider, whether it’s us or someone else.

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