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Managed Security

New cyber threats seem to be constantly emerging, putting your network security to the test and your organization under attack. Far too often, organizations don’t fully understand the potential financial losses associated to a cybercrime event. Others simply lack the resources, expertise or desire to take a proactive approach to information security, and will only discover their vulnerabilities and begin to truly secure their environment once an attack has occurred.

IT security is a moving target; emails that appear to be from your bank or mortgage company, drive by downloads from a video, clicking on an interesting link, all can cause problems.

We offer comprehensive, end-to-end security services. Our solutions include next gen Firewalls, advanced desktop and mobile device A/V products to prevent zero day attacks, patching, audits to look for open ports, back doors and other sneaky ways to get to your data and personal information.

And of course good backups, so if some new attack manages to make it through the gates and wreak havoc, we have local and cloud copies of all your data and virtual servers that can spun up in minutes.

If you have any security concerns or would like a security audit, contact us and well make sure you are secure. or (775) 329-2400.

Managed Security Services

Our suite of Managed Security Services allows you to focus on your day-to-day operations, while our team of security experts manages the critical components of your organization’s security posture.

Aveir offers a suite of managed security offerings, including a 24×7 monitored Intrusion Detection Services (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS) with cloud-based SIEM (Security Information & Event Management). Our sensors analyze your network looking for suspicious activities, such as those that are consistent with hackers or others malicious intent.

Emerging Threat Feeds: We receive emerging threat feeds from around the world, stopping new known threats without having to discover them ourselves.

Zero Day Protection: Because we’re analyzing your network looking for malicious activity, we don’t rely on signatures to eliminate unknown or targeted threats.

Firewall Essentials
Simply plugging in a firewall and forgetting about it could almost be considered negligent. Every firewall has a number of maintenance tasks that need to be performed regularly. If your business has multiple locations, as do many healthcare, banking, and retailers, these critical tasks could become complicated and then ignored.

Our managed service client’s firewalls are actively maintained. We handle these tasks for you, including:
• Firmware Updates
• Feature Key Updates
• Signature Service Updates
• Certificate Updates/Upgrades
• VPN Building & Removals
• VPN Management
• Policy Management
• Periodic Policy Reviews
• Blocking Sites & Services
• Category based Content Filtering
• Off-site Configuration Backups
• Firewall Restoration

Advanced Firewall Management

Most firewall appliances now include “UTM” bundles, a series of add-on features designed to provide Unified Threat Management. These additional features provide extra layers of protection to your network but also added levels of complexity when it comes to managing your firewall.

When it’s time to start taking full advantage of your firewall’s capabilities, Advanced Firewall Management from Aveir gives you peace of mind, knowing that these services will be properly implemented and managed for maximum protection and minimal business impact.

Advanced Firewall Management includes:
• Gateway Anti-Virus
• Application Controls
• Data Loss Prevention
• Deep Packet Inspection
• Active Directory Integration
• Custom Content Filtering
• Intrusion Prevention Services
• Advanced Persistent Threat Management
• Log Management & Review

If your organization is required to collect, review and archive network logs for security and/or compliance purposes, including HIPAA, GLBA, SOX or PCI, you understand the challenges associated with this undertaking. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably know that in most organizations (not yours, of course) it isn’t being done thoroughly, efficiently or on a timely basis.

We know that logs come from distributed sources, in varying formats, from any number of locations and any of those factors could change at any time. Gathering and normalizing the data so that it can be properly analyzed isn’t easy. Reviewing logs can also be a tedious and thankless task. To do it properly, however, requires the mind of an analyst and/or maybe some software to assist you in going through the volume of data.

We collect your logs, we normalize the data, we review your logs and alert you to any areas of concern in a timely manner. We then archive and retain your log data for whatever period of time is mandated by your compliance requirements or longer, if you so desire.

Network Access Control

Just when you’ve established your security posture, locked down and truly secured your network, management decided to embrace the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) world. The office staff has Surface tablets, Sales is using iPads, and the managers all have Android devices. Everyone is the company is using a different kind of smartphone but they all want to access their email. Sounds like it’s time to start poking holes in your security so that your mobile users can get to work.
Allowing BYOD mobile users to be productive, however, doesn’t mean that you have to take down your defenses. Similar to allowing unknown persons into a secure facility, Network Access Controls can allow limited or escorted mobile users into your computing environment provided, of course, that they meet your safety requirements and behave themselves. Otherwise they will be quickly escorted out and banned.

Of course, these controls are not limited to BYOD, all users including on premise PCs or known and trusted mobile devices can be watched for proper credentials, adherence to policies and general behavior. then allowed or disallowed continued access accordingly.

Disk Encryption Services

One of the most popular ways that data ends up in the wrong hands is by way of misplaced hard drives. This mostly happens through stolen equipment or lost laptops. Even if the finder of a laptop is unable to login to that laptop, it is possible to remove the laptop’s hard drive and access the data directly using another computing device. Solution: Disk Encryption
Encryption itself is not difficult and there are many option today for effectively encrypting data. The challenging part is managing the encryption keys, getting the right keys to the right authorized users and managing the lifecycle to the keys. Remember, encryption adds safety to your data but it also adds a layer of complexity when it comes to manipulating and keeping your data properly backed-up and accessible to its authorized users.

NOTE: The down side of encrypting disks is that they are much harder if not impossible to retrieve data from in case of hard drive failures. Because the data is encrypted traditional tools to pull data off failing drives will pull off encrypted data, which is useless.

Managed Network Access Control features:
• Policy Enforcement Across All Devices
• Complete Protection for Endpoint Devices
• Detection & Restriction of Non-Compliant Devices
• Persistent Security Checks of Connected Devices
• Rapid Deployment & Low Cost of Entry Managed Service

To learn more about Managed Network Access Control or any of our other Managed Security Services please contact us at (775) 329-2400 or email us at

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