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Managed Firewalls

Your corporate firewall the first line of defense for your company. Firewalls need to be fast and smart. Our firewall takes an innovative approach across all areas of the network security. From the way firewalls are managed, to the way they report information and how they work with other security systems around them, giving you an unprecedented level of simplicity, insight and advanced threat protection.

When shopping for a firewall like a computer speed is important, Throughput is the number you are looking for. If you are paying for 100mbs of speed you want to make sure your firewall is able to keep up with your ISP. Throughput numbers can be a bit misleading you need to check not only the Firewall’s raw throughput but it’s combined throughput, which is how fast it processes packets. Our entry lever (meant for a 5 or so user network) has features 2,000Mbps, however the VPN is 200Mbps, with IPS filtering is 510Mbps and the AV-proxy is 330Mbps, these are all faster than your 100Mbps internet speed. Most entry level firewalls are much slower many only process 50 to 80Mbps, so you are wasting some of your service.

Wireless Access
Wireless devices are multiplying quickly, your firewall also needs to quickly process your wireless packets older wireless was 300Mbps or less, current wireless is over 1gb or almost 3x. Wireless infrastructure often includes more devices than just your firewall review your setup every couple years.

Remote Ethernet Devices
If you have small branch offices, retail locations, home offices or remote outposts extending your secure network easily and affordably beyond your main facility. These plug and protect devices are easy to install without any technical skills.

Content Filtering and User Reporting
Further protect your network by restricting internet surfing, by user, activity directory roles. Our firewalls provide visibility into user activities regardless of where they are working.

Security Intelligence
Your firewall and end user protection should be aware of each other, identifying and blocking potential network issues and possible attacks anywhere across your network.

Have firewall questions or need more information? We can help call us and we’ll help you review your corporate security policy.

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