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IT Assessments

Technology assessments and planning are an important part of any ongoing program of infrastructure maintenance. Assessments also ensure your technology is ready to meet your strategic objectives. They help you determine the state of your networks and its systems, to see where improvements can be made.
Audits allow us to compare your current equipment and procedures against industry best practices. This comparison an audit seeks out gaps in technology, people and processes, analyzes then to provide ideas for improvements.

During the audit process, Aveir will examine:

• Corporate Goals
• Processes
• Network Documentation
• Servers (hardware, operating systems, patches, warranties, etc.)
• Network Security (password policies, firewall, wireless, physical, disaster recovery, anti-virus, etc.)
• Network Topology
• Application Policies
• Software
• Licensing
• Network Services (cloud and on premise)

Once the assessment has been completed, we’ll get together and review the findings, then we’ll work together to come up with a Technology Plan with budgeting, timeframes, and maintenance to make sure your technology is ready to support your corporate goals.

Call us today to schedule a meeting to review your concerns and goals.

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