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Email & Outlook Support

There are tons of email providers; many offer free basic email such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Most of us are familiar with these and are using one of them for our personal email accounts. But most companies are better served by using a unique corporate domain name and dedicated mailboxes. Finding a unique domain name that represents your company can be a challenge. Once you have the domain registered you have a few options for email.
Having your staff use a corporately owned email account gives you the option to control that account if the employee leaves the company. You can easily forward their mail to someone else within the company so your clients are taken care of, and you. You also have control over if the email is being backed up or archived, encrypted or in the case of medical clients that the email is screened for PHI that shouldn’t be emailed.

Email Protocols:

Mail is delivered with a few different protocols, Exchange is the most common one used by businesses, and some companies that haven’t updated their email in years are still using POP protocols. If you have a POP account, I’d suggest you take a look at some of the newer options. They are low cost and have much greater functionality.
IMAP is another common email type it’s a step up from POP as it allows messages to be sent to multiple devices and sync’d across devices. However, it doesn’t allow for much sharing of information between apps, like auto-syncing events with your calendar like Exchange does.

Exchange and Outlook:

Exchange is the back-end server product, the guts if you will, while Outlook or Outlook Web Access is the front facing desktop client which users interact with.

Microsoft Exchange can be deployed on premise or as a hosted service. We offer Exchange both ways so you can use the best solution for your company. If your company has fewer than 10 employees, hosted is usually more cost effective. If you have more than 20 mailboxes on-site is more cost effective. There are other factors to consider as well.

Microsoft Outlook has been the go-to email application forever, it does it all.

Popular Outlook Features include:

• Support for multiple email addresses – all your email in one place
• Groups – (2016) allows teams to share mail that pertains to a specific project
• Share Calendars
• Syncing across multiple devices
• Line of Business add-ins, which allow you to send emails to other programs, like our ticketing system

Common Problems with Outlook
Some of us have really large email boxes with 10’s or 100’s of thousands of messages and attachments, which will slow down opening and sending emails. Sometimes Add-Ins cause problems with Outlook and they will be automatically disabled. Occasionally profiles will be corrupted and have to be repaired or recreated. If you have an Exchange account this is a very quick process, since all your saved mail resides on the server, you won’t lose anything by creating a fresh profile. Other file types may require you to open your older .pst file and copy your mail to the new profile. If your .pst is corrupted, we can usually retrieve your mail but it may take a while. Occasionally, these files can’t be repaired, so having good backup’s is a good idea.

If you’d like to review your email practices or move to a newer more secure environment we can help whether you have one mailbox or 100’s. Designing and implementing an email system for your company will improve your efficiency and productivity.

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