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Common Problems & Solutions

Our fee for remote service is $25 per 15 minute increment. If your problem is bigger you can bring your computer to our office or we’ll send a technician to your office or home. If you are frustrated with ongoing issues, lets meet and we’ll review your problems, show you the best ways to solve them and get you back to running your company instead of dealing with IT nuisances. The most common problems we encounter are: Internet Speed and Reliability How important is internet access to your company? The more internet based applications your company uses the more speed and reliability you need. There are a few things we can do to improve your internet performance. Starting with your ISP or Internet Service Provider Who offers the service for your company’s address. If you would like some help picking your provider or reviewing your current service call us and we’ll give you a list of the options for your location. The major players in our market are Charter, AT&T, Integra, Zayo, Highlands Wireless and Skyfiber. Backup Internet Connection We’ve partnered with Highlands Wireless to offer a backup connection at a low monthly cost. If your primary connection isn’t working, you firewall automatically detects it and switches to the other ISP. Internet Device & Firewall Throughput If your firewall is more than 3 years old and you have a fast internet connection, chances are the firewall isn’t keeping up. Firewall speeds are affected by content filtering, spam filtering, monitoring traffic, and older devices can’t process the amount of data we are asking of them. Running speed tests in front of and behind your firewall will determine if you have a problem. It’s good to reset these devices at least monthly. It’s part of our MSP checklists so if you are a managed services client of ours we do it for you. After restarting a modem, wait 30 seconds or so and plug the modem back in once the internet connection light comes back to life, plug the firewall back in. Firewalls typically take up to 2 minutes to complete their boot up process. Switches, AP’s, Cabling & Endpoints Older switches, flaky cabling, and older computers are the next place to check. If you have random network errors, disconnections Resetting your switches and access points periodically is also a good idea. Especially Access Points, wireless devices will block busy channels resetting them gives them a fresh start. Wireless Network Problems Aside from a slow & flaky internet connection, the next most common issue we see are wireless problems. Wireless networking can be a bit tricky, reflections, materials, access points trying to use the same channels and streaming music can all wreak havoc on your network. Performing a wireless audit, tweaking access point locations, using access points that can hand traffic off to another access point all help. If you’d like help troubleshooting your wireless networking, we are here to help. End User issues Viruses, malware, email problems and not being able to access specific websites such as hospitals, insurance companies and banking sites. Many of these are also quick fixes. However, some viruses can take a while to remove and are best performed onsite or in our office.

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